Monday 14 April 2014

Matching Quilt Covers

matching quilt covers upcycle muslim blog

I made some matching quilt covers for my daughter's Bunk Beds! I had originally made them some matching quilt covers for different sized beds as my youngest still had a toddler size bed! However as she is 6 now we recently had some bunk beds put in their room. This made a huge difference to space in their room but meant i didn't have any more matching quilt covers!

I managed to purchase at a very good price some second hand (charity shop/thrift shop purchase) tab top curtains which had enough fabric to make 2 duvet covers and the colour was a great match to the curtains already in their room! Below is a photo of the original tab top curtains.

matching quilt covers upcycle muslim blog

This was a really easy project, as all I had to do was remove the tab tops and go over some sewing again and cut down to the size of the quilt and do some extra sewing down the sides and leave a gap at the bottom to insert the quilt! The curtains were fully lined which meant I had a back cover for the duvets so didn't need to purchase any other fabric!

The photo below shows the quilt covers I had previously made for my daughters' different sized beds.

matching quilt covers upcycle muslim blog
I did a post previously about the other bedding project here is the link: matching-bedding-for-different-sized.html Below is an old photo (from previous blog post) of the curtains which have a very similar colour to the bedding and match perfectly!

I love upcycling things and this is the second time I have upcycled fabrics to make the girls' bedding!

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  1. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

    So cute and crafty, MashaAllah. My favorite color too. (:


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