Monday 24 February 2014

Jigsaw Puzzle Craft Idea

jigsaw puzzle craft idea picture

What to do with all those pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle left lying around the home! We had a few Jigsaw Puzzles with pieces missing so they were really no good for anyone, so we decided to make use of them for some craft projects! My 6 year old decided to make a design using coloured card and some spare jigsaw pieces. She decided to make a Hot Air Balloon Picture. I know it may look like a light bulb (as someone in the family said!) but it is meant to be a balloon, if she did this again I think we would change the yellow card to a different colour to avoid confusion!

This is a fairly easy task for children of all ages, older children can try and come up with some more intricate designs to make it more interesting! Below are the instructions on how my 6 year old made her picture.

jigsaw puzzle craft idea picture

Step 1: Think of a design that you want to make and make a draft design on a piece of blank paper. We went for a Hot Air Balloon.
Step 2: If you want some background colour cut out some card to help with the design. We cut out a yellow balloon and a black basket and glued it onto a piece of blue A4 Card.
Step 3: Then glue the pieces one by one onto the card trying to match as best as possible the draft picture. My 6 year old started designing the Hot Air Balloon first and then worked outwards. She used a normal glue stick.

You now have some very original artwork that your children will love doing in just 3 easy steps!


  1. It's beautiful MashaAllah :)))

  2. Salaam alaykum,

    that must have been a man. cause my frist thought was hot air balloon.

  3. This is a great idea! I knew it was a hot air balloon, and this idea will be great for us as we do have some spare puzzle pieces

  4. Oh what a great idea mashAllah!! I am sure we have some puzzles lying around with pieces missing!

  5. This is briliant Karilma! A good way to recycle jigsaw pieces, I am sure we all have some lying in our houses.
    Stay well.


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