Thursday 6 June 2013

The Hearts of Light - Guest Post

Today’s Guest Post is from the lovely lady who runs the website   

They have a website where you can purchase some of their products or read some of their blog posts. They also have a Facebook Page too.
I was lucky enough to receive a copy of their Ramadan Planner for my eldest daughter, I was so excited by this because a few of my friends had used this ladies products and spoke highly of them.  My daughter loves her planner and she can’t wait to start using it. Below is some information provided to me to talk about this wonderful website.  

The Hearts Of Light Guest Post
Our children grow up today and their role models in life are pop stars and movie stars. Or even cartoon figures. Their houses and toys and gadgets are filled with these cartoon figures. They learn from very early on to get their inspiration from cartoon heroes. Well I wish that we can change that. I wish to provide our children with the material that will connect them with their true role models in life. I wish to be able to provide this material to homes and schools.

I hope we can help each other in raising our children in the best way possible and share our experiences and advice.

I hope that we can collectively work on helping each other providing parents with the tools and materials they need to be able to achieve their goals.
The products that we have been able to put up so far are:
Ramadan planner for ages 12+, Islamic baby record books, Aqeeqa invitations and some greeting cards.


Ramadan Planner (12+)

Ramadan Planner (12+) An Inside Page

Islamic Baby Record Book (Other Designs Available)

Aqeeqa Invitations
Greetings Card (other designs available)



  1. Oh some of the things look lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So nice of you for sharing - so many lovely ideas! Thanks dear and much love to all.


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