Monday 6 May 2013

DIY Praying Hijab Tutorial and one for dolls too!

Here are two hijabs I made, one for my youngest daughter and a matching one for her doll!

I actually made these hijabs from a new top that I bought for £2.00 in the sales! The top was an XL size which was great for me as this means more fabric to play with! I often choose clothes which have plenty of fabric for my craft projects!

If you haven't already seen my hijab tutorial here is a repeat of the link and also a mini pic tutorial below:

Below is a photograph (sorry for the quality!) of the top before I took my scissors to it! The photo below shows the pinks clearer than the photo above. To make the dolls hijab I just followed the same pattern but reduced the size.


  1. It's so sweet your little girl wanted one for her doll too!
    Hope you are all doing well dear. Take care.xx

    1. Hi Marie, yes she loves dressing her doll up! Hope you are well too :)


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