Monday 15 April 2013

Crochet Bookmarks

My daughter learnt to crochet last year and has made a few lovely things. Bookmarks are her latest project that she has been making for her friends. Like her Mum she doesn't follow any patterns and just does what she feels is right. On the photo above she added a personalised letter bead on the end.

Below are some others that she recently made.

The photo below is an Ipod holder that she made without a pattern too!

Crochet is a lovely craft/hobby that children can learn very easily and can be quite relaxing for them too! Much better than sitting playing computer games or watching TV during the day! After just a few attempts at crochet and watching a couple of YouTube videos she is confident to try different unique things!


  1. The bookmarks look great Karima! I should definitely start crochet, it's quite awesome. Take care.xx

    1. I wish I had more time to crochet too!


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