Tuesday 22 January 2013

Home Organization Centre

Many of you might already know that - I LOVE TO BE ORGANIZED! I run my house like I would a business - I have charts for most things and keep a diary/organizer with me at all times! Today I am sharing with you my Organizational Centre which is kept on one of my Kitchen Walls.

I haven't really shown photographs before of my charts/organizing, because quite honestly I love my photographs to be perfect - and my organizational centre involves lots of handwriting squiggles that are quite messy and a bit embarrassing. Also I have my children's names and personal information on here so I didn't want to share that kind of information. I have though smudged out any personal info on the photograph, for eg. my children's names, so that is why some things are blank!

However I have now decided to step out of my comfort zone and share with you my photographs - because after all I am a mum with young children and many of my followers are also mums - so I think a lot of my readers understand that things are not kept perfect in a home with little ones!

I design and laminate my own charts so that they are suitable for my family's needs.  I will share with you how the Main Organization Centre works in my home with 3 young children.

I have an Appointments Wipeboard which I use to write down any dates/appointments we have that week - I also note some important future dates underneath that. I try to complete this every Sunday night or whenever I can! I have a Pinboard next to that, with each of my children's names written at the top. Any important letters (ie school) or invitations etc are pinned underneath their names. Then I have a few laminated charts underneath these, below I have explained what these charts are:

SHOPPING LIST: Whatever food I need to buy that week is written on this chart - I update this as soon as I know I have run out of something or know I need something soon for example. The children sometimes add to this too!

FAMILY MESSAGES: The whole family use this to leave important messages for each other. I have each child's name on the board and we just write down the message underneath the names of who the message is for. For example: Child 1 might leave message for Child 2 saying they have borrowed one of their books, or Child 2 might leave a message for their dad saying his brother telephoned.

WEEKLY MENU: This is to write down what we have planned to eat for the whole week - so then I can plan what I need to buy for shopping.

TO DO LIST: I write things on here that I need to do, for example: Ring Doctors to make appointment, pay for childs school trip etc.

MEDICINE/ILLNESS RECORD: Whenever one or more of my children are poorly, I record what their temperature is and at what time they were given any medicine and what kind of medicine   I designed this chart with columns: TIME, TEMPERATURE, MEDICINE GIVEN

QURAN/SURAH/DUA CHART: This is for the children to write down which one they are learning that week.

CALENDAR2013: I have a laminated calendar so that when writing down any appointment etc I can check dates etc.

I also keep a diary/organizer binder with me at all times, so I can write things down during the day if I am outside the house. Anything important can then be written or attached to the organizational centre when I return home. I also log different things in my organizer, that are not kept on my Kitchen Wall.  I might do a post at a later date about my binder inshallah. Below is a photograph of the front cover:

I also have a reward/chore chart centre just for the children - which is kept on the Kitchen Door. I will try to do a future post on that too inshallah: Below is a photograph of that:


  1. MashaAllah, if only i was that organised! looks very similar to what i've seen flylady.net use.. Brillian idea MashaAllah

    I only have charts for my son, because he is a visual learner and prefers to know what's happening during the day (has asd).. The rest of the family follows that too though.. But will definitely pinch a couple of your ideas as things are about to get more hectic here.
    JazakAllahu Khairan for sharing x

    1. I've never been over to flylady, thats the second time in the past couple of weeks someone has mentioned her site in passing! Please pinch the ideas - that is why I blog to share with people my ideas!

  2. Bismillaah

    As salaamu alaiki

    I love it <3 will share on my blog Inshaa'Allaah

    ~Umm Suhailah~

    1. So glad you love it - and a great big thank you for sharing it on your blog! Just seen it a moment ago!

  3. Maa Shaa Allah u r so organised ! im just like u but all my scribbles r done in 3 different books:) i love ur idea of pinning them to a kitchen wall....that way u can keep very organized :)

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like. I always like to be organized lol!

  4. Asalamu alaikum,

    Well I would defo put all that in a smartphone :)

    1. waalaikum salam sister - Did you read the message I left for you on your blog?


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