Friday 13 January 2012

Book Review - The Ark of Nuh

ark nuh book review

This book is about the Prophet Nuh (Noah.) pbh
Nuh pbh prayed to Allah, who told him to build an Ark. It tells the story of all the pairs of animals coming on board the Ark. It informs the children about the rain and flood and how Allah saved all them on board.

This book is a great read and the pictures are designed brilliantly to help tell the story. This is a superb story to read to the very young or to give to the young children to read themselves. All my children have read this book and all have loved it and remembered the story.

Here are the book details if you are interested in purchasing it:

Title: The Ark of Nuh
Publisher: Goodword Books
ISBN: 8187570873

This post was on my other blog which I have now amalgamated with this blog. I want to do a monthly book review so I thought I would copy the two reviews I have already posted on my other blog over to this one.


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