Thursday 24 March 2011

Mother's Day Gift

Above is a photograph of a handmade Mothers Day Gift I made.

Mothers Day is fast approaching here in the UK. It is celebrated on the Sunday 3rd April this year. In the US it falls in the month of May, so still a while longer to go. The shops here in the UK have their shelves full with gifts, chocolates and cards. My kids always like to make their own cards, I think it is more personal than the ready made shop ones. My daughter especially likes to spend her time designing cards for the family. I think the family appreciate them more, when they know that the child has put time and effort into them. If I remember I will post a photograph of the cards I will be receiving this year (hopefully!).

I wanted to share with you today a Mothers Day Gift that I have previously made for my mum. I made an 'Apron set' which included, an apron, tea towels and a small bag, I bought this particular fabric especially for this project as it was quite unique. I loved the fact that this fabric was designed with words relating to the kitchen and I also loved the colour. I used black apron strings, which I bought especially for the apron.

I didn’t follow any particular pattern for the apron, but there are many free tutorials out there if you were wanting one. Here is a link to one of the websites that gives you instructions and also a pattern link. The reason I made a small matching bag to go with this, is so that my mum can keep the apron folded up and kept inside a kitchen drawer. I always like to keep my apron handy on a hook in the kitchen, but my mum doesn’t do this, so this was the better option for her personally.

You don’t really need any tutorials for the tea towels either, I just made them with the remaining fabric so the size wasn’t relevant to me. Here is a link for those interested, which gives details on how to make basic tea towels.

I would love to hear from anyone who wants to share any handmade projects they have made for their Mothers.

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