Saturday 26 February 2011

V Shaped Pillow Case

v shaped pillow
My gran owned a V shaped pillow (cushion), when she no longer needed it, it came my way. It was a light coloured pillow and quite plain. This was very useful and well used when I was pregnant.

Above, is a photograph of the finished pillow, with the cream and white pink patterned material.  It blends in well with the girls bedroom.
My eldest daughter wanted this to be in her room, so she could rest on it, on her bed. As you may already know, both my daughters like everything to be pink! So I needed to find a cover suitable for this pillow. This was harder than I thought, I couldn’t find any in the shops. I looked online, but I couldn’t find the style I wanted, or the size I wanted. So, I decided to make my own, using spare material I already had in the house.

I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to do this, so I just had to make it up as I went along. I basically just measured the cushion as best as I can, and tried to make a pattern. I made this a bit big at first, so just had to adjust where I sewed the hem. It wasn’t very difficult, it just needed a few tweaks, here and there.

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