Wednesday 2 February 2011

Upcycling Making a Dog Bed

dog bed cot mattress
My mum had two old foam cot mattresses which were of no use to her anymore. She also has a couple of dogs (Chihuahuas) that could do with a nice bed to lie on during the evening! So I decided to make a nice large posh bed for them to lie on! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of the transformation, but I will try to explain briefly how I did this. I already had some spare material in the house so used this to cover the foam parts. For the quilt, we just used two dog patterned blankets sewn together to make a quilt cover and placed inside this an old small cot quilt. The base of the dog bed was one of the complete mattresses. For the sides I used one of the cot mattresses and cut pieces to the sizes I needed. (To cut the foam I used a bread knife!) I used velcro on the covered sides of the cut foam so that the three pieces were attached together, and the three pieces were also attached with velcro to the main mattress.
My mum can keep this under her bed during the day, and then bring it out at night for the dogs to sleep on. I made openings on the mattress cover and quilt cover, so that these can be removed and washed in the washing machine. There was some foam left over from this project so I used this to make a garden bench cushion! See photo below.

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