Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sun Lounger Cushion Cover

Unfortunately I didn’t have any photos of the cushion before the makeover. This is my mums sun lounger, the original cover was pretty much threadbare but the cushion itself was saveable.

I was in the Ikea shop when I noticed the material, I thought it looked like the old style deck chair material. It was in the sale section, only about 2 metres left on the roll. I automatically thought of my mum’s sun lounger. I bought the last 2 metres immediately because it was so cheap and I thought if she didn’t like it, then I could find some other project for it. However she agreed it would be ideal for the sun lounger.

When I designed the cover, I mainly followed the pattern of the original cover. I did however add extra large pieces to the back of the bottom and top, so that the cushion would slip over the frame and stay in place. The original one had a habit of slipping off the frame!

My mum is pleased with her new looking lounger. This saved her a lot of money because the cost of replacing the cushion alone would have cost about 10 times more than the price I paid for the fabric, and a new cushion wouldn’t be exactly the same size. So a great bargain in all. At the time I never found any tutorials on the internet. The nearest type of tutorial for sunlounger cushions I have just found recently is on the following website:

The above mentioned website doesn't cover making extra flaps that I used to ensure that the cushion stays on the frame, but it does cover the basics of how to make a sunlounger cushion cover.

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