Wednesday 16 February 2011

Handmade Sewing Machine Bag

sewing machine bag handmade
When I first started sewing, I would borrow my mother’s sewing machine. This was an old machine which had a hard plastic cover with a carry handle. The handle made it easy to transport to different places, the only downside was that the machine was very very heavy!.

When I received my own very first sewing machine (a birthday present from my husband) it didn’t have a case to help protect it, or for me to be able to carry it to different places.

At the time I had started to attend a small sewing group that were specialising in making curtains. Everyone had to bring along their own sewing machine as the venue was just inside a church hall. I knew that I needed to have a carry bag for my sewing machine. I had struggled somewhat with my mother’s machine when transporting it, and also having to carry other bags! So, I decided I wanted a strong shoulder strap handle so that my hands were free to carry the fabrics.

I decided to make my own bag with some materials I already had. I decided to use some lovely strawberry design vinyl cotton material that I had purchased from ‘Dunelm Mill’. This fabric was just sitting waiting for a project. I also used some spare carpet remnants to be used as a filler for the sides. This carpet would be beneficial to strengthen the bag and also add protection for any bumps to the sewing machine when being transported. I used some bright material for the lining, again that I already had at home.

I used the same vinyl material (I think this is also called oilcloth) as this was quite strong, for the shoulder straps. I also added an inside pocket into the bag, this comes in useful to keep notes or loose threads etc. I attached press stud fasteners to the closing flap of the bag. I have a small handheld fixing tool for applying these.

I use this bag to store my sewing machine in, whilst it is in the house, and also for when I need to take it outside to other venues. It makes it so much easier transporting the machine with a bag that has a shoulder strap. I had previously looked at purchasing a bag, but I could not find any with shoulder straps. And the normal sewing machine bags sold in the shop were also quite pricey. Now I have exactly what I wanted, at a fraction of the price. I have had this bag for over 4 years now and it is still going strong!

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  1. Hi! I have the exact same problem! The sewing machine bags are quite expensive, and usually really ugly as well - I like colourful things! Is that fabric specially for sewing or is it like those old tablecloths? (If you ever saw one, my mother always used this thick vinyl "cloth" on the kitchen table, and I was just wondering whether that kind of material would rip.)

    And I also loved your table tent! I might just make one once we have some quilt covers that need repurposing again. :)



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