Tuesday 17 May 2011

Crayon Roll Tutorial

crayon roll tutorial
I made my first crayon roll (see photograph above).

I have seen these on many blogs and have always wanted to have a go at making one.  So yesterday I found some spare scrap bright fabric which I thought would be great for this project.

Recognise the fabric? This was from the remnants of the sun lounger that I recovered for my mum. Link here: sun-lounger-cushion-cover

Supplies needed are:
3 pieces of fabric (15 inches by 5 inches)
Elastic (I used a hairband)
1 Button

Below are the instructions for how I made this crayon roll.

1) Cut out 3 pieces of fabric (15 inches by 5 inches)
crayon roll tutorial
2) Make pocket -fold over one of the pieces, iron the edge. Place over another piece (inside piece)

3) I marked with pins (or use pen) 2 inches spaces where to sew straight lines down to make the individual crayon pockets. Sew on marked lines making sure that you stitch extra at the openings.
4) Then place the other piece of fabric (back piece) onto the top of the inside piece, patterns facing each other (You will be turning this inside out). See photograph below.

5) Then sew around all the edges, leaving a gap to turn inside out. (I left a gap at one of the short sides, so to place elastic in afterwards.

6) Turn the fabric inside out, then iron all edges flat.  Place an elastic band into the space which was open for turning, then stitch all around the fabric edge, securing fabric.

7) Then place the crayons into the crayon roll (see photo below)
crayon roll tutorial
8) Once you have put the crayons into the crayon roll, roll it up and see where you need to add a button. Then sew a button into place. Finished

Now you have a lovely gift for some lucky child!

This was actually much easier than I thought, and took under and hour to complete. I will definitely be making these again. It is a great way to use up scraps, I used the same fabric for this tutorial, but you can mix and match the fabrics.

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  1. This is really nice,i like the idea :)
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  3. I love this Karima, thanks for checking out my blog!

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  5. I LOVE that you link up on Tip Junkie for Tip me Tuesday!

    My sister made me a crayon roll (well, she made it for my kids), and it's fabulous, but it ties. I like the button better.

  6. LOVE this! I want to learn how to sew soo badly.
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  7. What a great idea! It looks simple enough, that even I can do it. ;)
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