Monday 31 December 2012

House Number Bin Stickers DIY - Great Ideas

Another upcycle / recycle post using Milk Cartons but it can be any plastic carton which uses sticky labels!

It is normally really easy to remove labels from plastic so you can then re-use these labels. I did this over a year ago and the label is still on the bin - so it is quite durable and weather resistant!

Option One: 

  • Cut the plastic bottle leaving the sticker in place (see photo below).
  • Then draw with pen/marker the number you want on the sticker.
  • Then cut the number out - cutting through the plastic at the same time.
  • Then remove the sticker from the plastic and place onto your bin

Option Two:

  • Remove the sticker from the plastic and place it on a sheet of slippery paper (ie the back sheet from stickers or backing sheet from sticky backed plastic).
  • Then draw the number over the sticker and cut it out.
  • Place onto the bin.

Both options are easy enough - you could even spell out the address as well as the house number if you had enough stickers and enough patience!

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I hope you have found some inspiration from these upcycling /recycling tips.

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