Saturday 29 December 2012

Blog Review: Akhwaat fi sabili Allah

Today I am giving my own personal review of a blog that I follow, written by the lovely Umm Hamza Al Andalousya who has been writing this blog since September 2012. Here is the link: Akhwaat fi sabili Allah


She describes herself as a woman, wife and a mother.  She is a Spanish revert and decided to write this blog to help herself to increase her knowledge of the Deen, then to share with the permission of Allah all the knowledge that she amounted with her sisters in Islam and then realised that maybe it made her get closer to Allah (Subhanna wa taala).
She speaks Arabic which helps her find information in books and sites that the non-Arabic speaker can’t. She would like to use this ability to help sisters to translate any fatwa or an article about a subject. She is also willing to collaborate with sisters, maybe they have a fatwa a nasheeha of a a3lim or something else that they believe is benefit for the Muslim women, they can send it to her. She will then post these in her blog with details of who sent it etc.
A lot of her posts start with a question which she then gives a detailed answer. Her topics are varied covering Islam in particular issues concerning women and their religion.

Here are some of her most popular posts:
Dressing to our Girls:  dressing to our girls
A guide to the sisters students of knowledge:  a guide to sisters students of knowledge
A message to the woman – Lecture of Shaikh Fawzan, Must See!!:  a message to woman lecture of shaikh
Lovely quotes on Frienship:  lovely quotes on frienship
Please pop by and have a look at this great blog, I really do enjoy reading her posts, you can also follow her blog via:
Google + – Google +
Facebook – Facebook Page


  1. Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Karima,

    JazakAllah Khairan for bringing this wonderful blog to my attention mashaAllah

  2. waalaikum salam, I am glad it caught your attention. I thought it would be nice to do some reviews of bloggers that I follow. This is the first one I have done, more to follow inshallah.


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