Monday 18 November 2013

Organising Challenge - Days 13-16

Yeah I managed another 4 Organising Projects last week. This time the projects were slightly different, not just the standard sorting jobs I have previously blogged about!

So here goes the first one from last week:

Day 13 - Home Organising - Made my very own Windowsill Herb Garden! I really needed to make use of the windowsill and have a dedicated space for some herbs instead of the odd plant here and there! I used some old margarine tubs for the planters and made holes in the bottom. I then used a tiered metal bathroom shelf to keep the plants in.

Day 14 - Home Organising Wall Organiser! I used a plain Magnetic Wipeboard and used coloured tape to grid the board and printed of my own labels for the board! I am really pleased with the outcome!

Day 15 - Blog List Organised! I follow many great blogs, but didn't have a handy list of them all! I have now updated my blog and listed all that I can remember and have them on my sidebar so I can find them easier! If you look at the side of my blog to your right you will see the new updated list of Blogs I Follow.

Day 16 - I organised the children's Homeschool Files. They have a few months of work now and I needed to get their things more organised. I now have 2 sliding boxes under the sofa which keeps their day to day work in (one each for each girl). And a box each with all their subject work in (alphabetical) kept in cardboard files. Lets hope this system will work better Insha'Allah.

I am not to sure if I can keep up with doing 4 challenges a week - I still have not decided which ones to do this week!


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