Monday 18 February 2013

Storage Box Reupholstered Tutorial - For Prayer Mats

I recently just redesigned my Living Room to a gold/black design and had some spare fabric left to cover this storage box. This is kept next to the Living Room and keeps all our prayer mats and prayer hijabs in one clean place!

The prayer mats are kept in the main storage part and I have added a pocket to the lid so to keep the hijabs stored away neatly too!

This was a really easy project to do and to do this all I needed was the fabric and a staple gun.

Items Needed
  • Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Screwdriver


1) Remove the fabric already on (if possible)
2) Remove the old staples (if possible) this makes it easier to re-staple
3) I unscrewed the hinges from the box and lid - then replace these once you have placed the new fabric on the box and lid.
4) Stretching the fabric around the box - slowly staple the fabric to the box - making sure it looks neat where people can see.
5) Cover the lid of the box stretching so the top looks nice and neat.
6) Cut out a piece of fabric - the size of the lid.
7) Place the extra fabric on the inside of the lid and then with folded edges staple the pocket to the lid - leaving the top edge open so that you can use it as a pocket. (if you can sew - you could sew the hems of the fabric pocket before attaching to make it look neater).
8) Once all fabric attached attach the hinges back to the box and lid.

Using the same fabric I reupholstered my Sofa too - here is a reminder if you missed that one: reupholstering-sofa-my-mini-tutorial



  1. Genius! I love the storage for the scarves in the lid. Thanks for sharing your blog!

    1. Glad you like it! Makes things more organised!


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