Wednesday 28 December 2016

Upcycled Scarf Bag Tutorial

I have been busy recently making some Upcycled Scarf Bags.  I use second hand scarves that I buy from thrift stores/charity shops. I make these scarves into tote style bags and add a lining with a pocket using upycled fabric too.  I am making these to sell on my craft stall or on my Etsy page.

I have posted a while bag showing the original tutorial on how the standard bag is made from a scarf. Here is the link:

Photo above shows some of the tote bags on my craft stall.

Sunday 25 December 2016

Candle Cozies

candle cozy cozies felt jumper sleeves upcycle

I have been upcycling again recently.  I still have quite a lot of felted fabric from old woolly jumpers.  I have used some of the fabric for previous projects but still had some spare sleeves.  So I thought I would make some candle cozies from them. These were the perfect size to fit the glass candle jars I had at home.  No need for any tutorial to be honest as very simple.  Once the jumpers have already been felted you simply just cut them to size, deciding if you wish to have a turn on the design.  I actually used the same sleeve for different designs of fitting them to the candle if you look closely. One of the cozies I actually cut a felt flower out and hand stitched it to the sleeve for decoration.

I have been selling these on my craft table events.

You may recognise some of the pink felt sleeves from the jumper that was used for a project my now 9 year old daughter made a while ago, an owl felt cushion. This is the link to the owl tutorial:

Saturday 17 December 2016

Craft Table Events

I have now officially done 2 craft table events.  I might have a 3rd one booked up next week, still waiting for confirmation.  I thought I would share some photos of my tables. I have had both my daughters helping me out and selling some of their items too.  The first one I did was on a weekend for a local Islamic charitable event, I was so glad to be part of this. I was also offering my services as a face painter for that event too.  My second event was at a local call centre during the week.

I have shared some photos showing my tables and some of the things that I have for sale.  I have also set up an ETSY shop to sell some of my stock. Bear with me as this is so new to me so still learning.

I had for sale some different types of pincushions, some cozy candles, framed papercuttings and upcyled scarf bags.  Also on the stall were my daughter's Sea Glass Necklaces and painted candles.

Here is the link to my ETSY shop: Karima's Crafts Etsy Shop

Monday 28 November 2016

Paper Cutting Mosque Design

My last post was a review for a Paper Cutting Business. After my first attempt I really wanted to have another go but wanted something with an Islamic feel to it. I decided to make my own design of a Mosque. I designed a mosque template using the free version of Picmonkey online photo editor.

Once I had cut out my design I went out to see if I could find a nice frame to display it. I managed to find a cheap frame from 'The Range'.  It was a box frame, I placed some plastic behind the cutting to keep it in place.  I am pleased with how my first design turned out.  I might try and make some more of these and sell them at my very first craft table I will be doing in 2 weeks time.

Friday 25 November 2016

EmbellishBox Review

I was approached by another local crafty business (EmbellishBox) and asked if I would like to do a review on her new business venture. She already runs a successful business but has now decided to start a monthly subscription box business as part of that. She also has an Etsy shop too. Subscription boxes seem to be extremely popular at the moment and the fact I love trying new crafty things I took her up on the opportunity to review this for her. I have to say I am honestly so glad that I did as I loved the monthly pack that she posted out and I had the chance to learn a new craft - Paper Cutting.  My young children also got involved too, because if you are an avid follower you will know my girls are also very crafty and love to get involved when they can in my work or their own work.  Even though I was sent this box to review, all that I write in this post is of my own personal honest opinion.

So what is EmbellishBox?

If you love paper cutting then an EmbellishBox is perfect for you. (Also great for newbies like me!)
Each box follows a theme, giving you at least 3 printed templates to cut yourself, a self-assembly house to collect and gifts to the monthly theme (The theme this month was Hygge).  It's a collection of beautiful things, and the only way to be first to have the new months templates.  There will never be a repeat box.  During the month, the templates in the box will be exclusive to EmbellishBox members. At the end of the month the templates will go up for sale in the Etsy shop - the cost of the box, including all of the extra items, will always be less than the cost of the templates individually.  The boxes start at £18 month to month. Check online for all prices.

So what was inside this month?

In this months subscription there were:
HYGGE TEMPLATES - Home Sweet Home, Hyggestund
Hygge at home, Hygge house
BACKING PAPERS - From Paper Story ( )
HYGGE GOODIES - Hot chocolate Cone (and candy cane) from Van-illa Treats (, Candle from Berry Bootique (, Fingerless Gloves handknitted by various talented people.
As a special I was given some colouring in sheets of the designs for my 9 year old daughter to colour. These can be purchased alongside the box if you ask.

I already have scalpels and Cutting Mats at home which is to be expected being a crafter, though it is my daughter who mainly uses the scalpel.  For this project you will need to have a cutting mat and scalpel with spare blades. You will probably need to use a few blades for each piece of work to make sure that the cuts are nice and neat.

I decided to start on the 'Home Sweet Home' design. I have to admit I did panic a bit at first as I have never done this before but after reading the instructions that I was sent from EmbellishBox and also a few youtube videos I found online I was a bit more confident.  I personally think I should have tried first on a scrap piece of paper to get used to holding and using the blade. I did make a few little errors and it was impossible (being a novice) for me to do the very fine details and parts of the design, but nevertheless I think it turned out really well. It might not be to clear from the picture but I did manage to cut parts I wasn't supposed too, but don't worry because when you mount the design onto backing paper you can stick the parts back on!  If you notice in the top right I cut more from the tree than I was supposed to, but it was remedied later.

It was so nice to also stop in between and have a yummy hot chocolate drink which was also provided in the box!  The chocolate pack normally includes marshmallows but being Muslim and also vegetarian (recently) I was provided with Maltesers as a replacement.  I must say I have never tasted any better hot chocolate drink.  I will definitely be trying normal hot chocolate with Maltesers in the future! The hot chocolate was provided by Van-illa Treats, their link is shared above.

I was also really happy to receive the gloves. I actually did need a new pair so this was very good timing. Above is a photo of my daughter modelling the gloves with the hot chocolate.

My 9 year old enjoyed joining in with the review by colouring in the sheets that I was personally sent. She will be sharing those on her blog at a later date, no doubt.  These can be requested as an extra when you place your order. My older daughter is going to have a go at one of the other designs that was included.

We also love candles in our house so it was nice to have a different scented candle to light in our cold winter months as part of the package.  So my final comments about this box are: I loooooooove it and would definitely recommend it to those who are both new to paper cutting like me and also for those who are experienced as you get a new surprise every month, boxes are never repeated.  You also get sent the designs via PDF so you can make more to gift to your friends or family.  I will definitely be doing more paper cutting after trying this craft out.

And so for my finished piece of work.  I used one of the backing cards provided which was a silvery colour but the photo shows it more of a black design. I already had a white frame in the house and placed the design into the frame and it is now proudly on display in my Living room.

As a special offer to my blog followers I have been given a 15% off Coupon Code: KARIMA15 This is valid until 20th December 2016.

Below are some handy links for this business:

Subscription box website:

Business Website:

Facebook Page:

Facebook group page:




Etsy Shop:

Here is a link to an interview:

Tuesday 1 November 2016

More Face Painting Photos

maleficent merida queen hearts harley quinn face paint painting

Here are some recent Face Paint Make-overs I have done. Maleficent, Merida, Queen of Hearts, Harley Quinn and a sugar skull design. 

maleficent face paint painting costume

maleficent face paint painting costume

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Face Painting Super Heroes Designs

Here are some Face Painting photos I have taken with a Super Hero Theme.  I am really enjoying practicing new designs. All prepared for my new business now. 

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Official Launch of Karima's Crafts

Today (25 October 2016) is the official launch of Karima's Crafts as a business. I have had this blog 'Karima's Crafts' for many years and ran it as a hobby in my spare time. The time has now come when my children are now a bit older and I have more time that I want to start doing crafty things for a living instead of a pastime.

I have sorted out my business and all it's insurances to start offering my services as a Face Painter, Craft worker and also teaching Craft classes to children and adults.  I am keeping the name 'Karima's Crafts' as this is already an established name for me.  This business stuff is all new to me and it will probably take time to get established but everyone has to start at the beginning at some time in their lives.

So what better reason is there to have a cake!!!!!  I helped make this cake with the help of my 9 year old daughter.  It was very yummy!

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Face Painting Practice Post 3

This is my 3rd post sharing some more Face Painting Designs I have done recently. I hope you like them.