Sunday 25 December 2016

Candle Cozies

candle cozy cozies felt jumper sleeves upcycle

I have been upcycling again recently.  I still have quite a lot of felted fabric from old woolly jumpers.  I have used some of the fabric for previous projects but still had some spare sleeves.  So I thought I would make some candle cozies from them. These were the perfect size to fit the glass candle jars I had at home.  No need for any tutorial to be honest as very simple.  Once the jumpers have already been felted you simply just cut them to size, deciding if you wish to have a turn on the design.  I actually used the same sleeve for different designs of fitting them to the candle if you look closely. One of the cozies I actually cut a felt flower out and hand stitched it to the sleeve for decoration.

I have been selling these on my craft table events.

You may recognise some of the pink felt sleeves from the jumper that was used for a project my now 9 year old daughter made a while ago, an owl felt cushion. This is the link to the owl tutorial:

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  1. Great idea! They could also be used for those ceramic travel mugs as cosies.


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