Monday 22 August 2016

Clasp Purse Tutorial

I was gifted a lovely Clasp Purse Kit from a dear friend of mine.  This is a John Lewis Product.   I have never made a purse before so was quite excited to try this new project. Even better having a kit with the pattern and instructions already provided.  I was a little disappointed though as the instructions were not very clear and I had to back-track a couple of times to get it right. Though the end product was worth it.

I thought I would share with you how I made this. I have took a photo of the original instructions so you know what the main instruction was.  The points to keep in mind are that when sewing down the sides in Step 2 make sure you go all the way down, not as it shows in the instruction diagram.  I followed the diagram and it left a gap in the purse, so you must sew all the way to the bottom.

The photos below show the steps I took when following the above instructions.  You also have the choice of using your own fabric and cutting them to the pattern size if you want something more unique!

Now I have to decide who gets the purse! Both my daughters are eyeing this product up haha!

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