Monday 22 August 2016

Clasp Purse Tutorial

I was gifted a lovely Clasp Purse Kit from a dear friend of mine.  This is a John Lewis Product.   I have never made a purse before so was quite excited to try this new project. Even better having a kit with the pattern and instructions already provided.  I was a little disappointed though as the instructions were not very clear and I had to back-track a couple of times to get it right. Though the end product was worth it.

I thought I would share with you how I made this. I have took a photo of the original instructions so you know what the main instruction was.  The points to keep in mind are that when sewing down the sides in Step 2 make sure you go all the way down, not as it shows in the instruction diagram.  I followed the diagram and it left a gap in the purse, so you must sew all the way to the bottom.

The photos below show the steps I took when following the above instructions.  You also have the choice of using your own fabric and cutting them to the pattern size if you want something more unique!

Now I have to decide who gets the purse! Both my daughters are eyeing this product up haha!

Saturday 13 August 2016

Henna Tip Using a Cookie Cutter

Today I am sharing a tip I used for making henna designs. I used this idea on my young daughter and she then used the idea on me! I am not very good at henna designs and feel very inadequate compared to my older daughter who can do brilliant designs. So the idea was to use a template for the design and I realised a cookie cutter was the perfect thing.

Items needed:

Henna tube
Cookie Cutter


Step 1) Spread henna all around the edge of the cookie cutter, not too thick, just enough so it is covered.
Step 2) Place the cutter onto the hand pressing gently so that it leaves a trace of henna on the hand.
Step 3) Then using the henna tube carefully go over the design again. Then add extra patterns making a design of your choice.

The photo below shows my 9 year old daughter using the same technique on my hand.