Monday 30 November 2015

Paper Making Tutorial

My girls were lucky enough to attend a homeschooling educational visit to a recycling centre. There they learnt how to make paper using old newspapers.  They really enjoyed learning about the process and seeing their finished results.  I have put together a quick tutorial of what they did at the centre, as this could be easily made at home with some basic equipment. I will share a video tutorial I found showing the process.


Old newspaper (cut into small strips)
Flat sieve
Potato Masher (or an electric mixer)


Step 1: Tear up small pieces of newspaper and place into a basin.
Step 2: When finished tearing paper fill the basin half full with water.
Step 3: Squash the paper with your hands to make irt mushy, once slightly mushy use a potato masher to make it more mushy.
Step 4: Once the paper is all mushy then add more water to the basin.
Step 5: Using the flat sieve place into the basin and pull up slowly so that the sieve grabs the mushed up paper. Drain away excess water.
Step 5: Dab slightly onto the seive to make it flat and then tip the sieve upside down to place the flat mushed up paper onto a small towel.
Step 6: Allow the paper to dry overnight or 24 hours.

Optional: If you wish to add things like dried flowers or glitter then you can do this when it is wet, so will dry as part of the paper.

Here is a link to one of many tutorials showing you how you can do this at home:

I hope you liked this new craft post.

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