Monday 17 February 2014

Free Islamic Surah Certificates to Print

free surah certificates to print Muslim Islam

I recently designed and printed off some certificates for my 6 year old daughter to encourage her while she is learning her Surah's. I shared the photograph on my Facebook Page and had a great amount of interest in them. I decided to design some specifically so that my followers and friends can download them for free, direct from my blog. The links to the free download are at the bottom of the page.

I have designed a choice of 6 colours. You could either give your child (or these could even be used for adults!) a different colour each time they have completed their memorisation of a Surah or if you have a few children you could keep to one colour for each child so that they know which certificate belongs to them!

I have left a space on the certificate so that you can either hand write their name or using a computer package you could type and print off their name onto the certificate. I have also left a space so that you can place the name of the Surah that they learnt along the dotted line.

I personally have printed these certificates out onto A5 card rather than A4 as this saves space on my daughter's bedroom wall and also saves money on ink! I have also laminated these certificates to make them more durable - this is an option if you have a laminator machine.

The photograph below shows the original ones I made for my daughter, I have only slightly changed the design to make it easier to download via the internet. The photo isn't very clear because I have laminated them and this makes it difficult to get a clear photo!

free surah certificates to print Muslim Islam

Here are the links to the free downloads to the certificates - they are all in PDF Format for easiness to download.

 Blue Surah Certificate =  bluesurahcert.pdf

Gold/Brown Surah Certificate = goldsurahcert.pdf

Green Surah Certificate = greensurahcert.pdf

Pink Surah Certificate = pinksurahcert.pdf

Purple Surah Certificate = purplesurahcert.pdf

Red Surah Certificate = redsurahcert.pdf

Sorry I had the wrong link for the purple surah certificate - I have now updated this!

If you are interested in some other Islamic printables, here is a link to a previous post where I have them. islamic-placemat-and-worksheets


  1. Jazakillah sister, the certificates look fabulous and I love that you have them in different colours.

  2. this is amazing Karima :) I love this! I will start using this when my girls are bigger :)

  3. Jazaki Allahou kheir, Love this!I already printed one , but instead of surah, it says douah.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! I have now posted the correct link :)

  4. JazakAllahu Khair for YOUR efforts! May Allah SWT reward you! this is wonderful and greatly appreciated!

  5. Wonderful, JazakAllah Khair :)


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