Monday 14 October 2013

Easy Cardboard Box Castle

Today's craft is showing how easy it is to make a Castle out of a cardboard box! I have photographs of two castles made by children (inc. my own children). We went on a tour with a lovely group of homeschooled children to Durham Castle. The tour guide then supplied the children with cardboard boxes and asked them to make a castle. The children really enjoyed themselves. My 6 year old made one by herself, however my 11 year old worked in a group with 2 other girls to make a joint castle project!

The photographs below shows the castle that my 11 year old daughter made with her friends. They used the parts of the cardboard that they cut out for the roof to add onto the castle to give it a great effect! They even added a flag. They didn't have a lot of time to make these, if you do this at home and you have more time and crafts, you could add a lot more detail to your castle. This is a great way to recycle an old cardboard box to make a craft project!

This is the castle that my 6 year old made. I helped her to try to cut at the sides to make openings for the windows/door. She also drew some lovely flowers to decorate the outside of the castle. Not very neat cuts in the photograph but we had very limited equipment and blunt child scissors to cut with! When she got home she added some folding stairs inside and played with it with her small little dolls! It really is very easy to make a castle, it doesn't have to be a square castle, you could make a castle form a rectangular cardboard box too! If you type in 'Cardboard Box castle' in Google Images you will get some more inspiration of how to design a Castle from a cardboard box.

Below is a photograph I took of the castle that we visited. The children really enjoyed themselves. We also visited Durham Cathedral which is right next to the Castle.


  1. My girls (and the cat) love boxes and always play with them...this would be fun to make!


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