Monday 28 October 2013

31 Day Home Organising Challenge

I decided to give myself an Organising Challenge. A few of my blogger friends had mentioned it, so thought I would also participate in doing one. I started this last week, and have managed to complete 4 days of challenges. It isn't a challenge that I have to participate in every day as quite frankly I would find that too challenging with everything else I have to do during the day!

My friends are all being very supportive and we are sharing ideas with each other about possible projects. Some of my friends and followers have just finished taking part in a 31 Day Fajr Challenge - Details could be found on my Facebook Page, some are still doing this one.

I will try to do a weekly post updating exactly what challenges I managed to complete during the week Insha'Allah.  I will try to provide before and after photographs where I can, if not I will definitely try to make sure I have some after photos - not sure I want to publish all the before ones.

If you are inspired and wish to participate in this challenge then you can follow me on my Facebook Page which I will update every time I have completed a challenge. I would love it if some more people were getting involved with organising their lives or homes.

Day 1:  Girls' Bedroom - I dismantled their beds and put up some bunk beds in their place. I managed this myself with a little bit of help with my son to fix both beds together! This has made their room look much larger now!

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

Day 2: Girl's Bedroom - Tidying up the Wardrobe Area. I placed a curtain to cover the part where the broken door was missing to make it look neater.  No more junk on top of the wardrobe.

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

Day 3: Hair Accessories/Equipment Box - This is kept underneath the sofa for the girls to get to easily. All the items were messed up in one box, now I have organised the headbands into a zipped container, the hairbands into a plastic box, the misc. into a plastic box and hairclips into a zipped plastic bag.

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

 Day 4: Kitchen Shelves - I tidied up the shelves as they were beginning to be a bit of a dumping ground, which wasn't the original idea! Now they look neat and tidy and being used for the correct purpose now.

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

31 day home organising challenge muslim blog

In case you are wondering who the other bloggers are that are participating, they are:


  1. That's a good idea and I can say you did a good job so far. I would have loved to join in the challenge, as I think having an organised house help us to have clear heads and thoughts. But I am moving home, so it's not the best time for it!
    However I think I will enjoy following you and picking up ideas as well!
    Stay well Karima.

  2. Masha'allah, you've done great! I love you girls' room. It looks adorable. X

  3. MashAllah such a good idea. I should follow your lead and sort out my house!

  4. well done! my house needs organising too!!

  5. salam alaikum karima,
    MashaAllah you have done a great job so far, my house is so disorganised right now.
    Thank you for sharing the photos too they are inspiring. How is home educating going?

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