Monday 16 September 2013

Easy Half Apron Tutorial

The photograph above shows an easy half apron I recently made for a good friend of mine. I needed a quick gift and this was what I produced. I also remembered to take some step by step photos so that I could make an easy blog tutorial too!
As usual I love making things from recycled fabric and this was from my fabric stash from an old curtain. The piece of fabric I cut out was from the bottom corner of the curtain so this made things even easier as I only had to sew up one hem on one side. The bottom hem and one of the side hems was already done for me! I already had some apron string which I purchased a while ago and used for the last aprons that I made. I made a gathered waist for this particular apron - this is the first time I have done this for an apron!
  • One rectangle piece of fabric - The size can vary - just make sure it is long enough to fit around the front part of the waist and long enough to reach the knees.
  • Apron String - Or make your own fabric waist ties.
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1) Cut out your rectangle piece of fabric.
Step 2) Iron and sew hems on the bottom and the 2 sides of the apron. (As I was recycling - my hems were already done on 2 sides!)
Step 3) Machine stitch gathering stitches all along the top of the apron. Then pull the threads to gather the apron to the correct size (to fit across the front waist)
Step 4) Pin another piece of fabric (I used yellow fabric) to the new waist line and sew it into place (on the wrong side of fabric). I did this to keep the stitches in place and also as I only had a small piece of fabric. If I had had longer fabric, I may have made a neat hem at the top as an alternative.
Step 5) Then cut some apron string - enough to tie all the way around the waist and enough to tie into a bow! Alternatively if you made a nice top hem - you could add 2 separate strings to the end of each side of the Apron.
Step 6) Pin the Apron string to the Apron evenly (Front part of Fabric) then sew the String to the Apron.
Step 7) Fold the ends of the Apron Strings over and neatly secure with stitches.

You now have your Easy Half Apron.


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  1. Oh..that looks like something I could have a go at as it doesn't look to complicated!

    Its so cute!


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