Monday 12 August 2013

DIY Stamps - Great Ideas

Here is a great way to make your own stamps. I used some pre-cut Foam Stickers and some plastic milk bottle lids for this project. You could just use pre-cut foam and use glue or actually cut out your own shapes from foam sheets bought at craft/stationery shops.

  • Plastic Bottle Tops
  • Foam Stickers
  • Optional: Glue if using just Foam.


Step 1) Find some plastic bottle tops and make sure they are cleaned thoroughly.

Step 2) Place the pre-cut stickers to the centre of the top of the lid. If the stickers are very thin you could actually place 2 identical stickers on top of each other to make it work more clearly! If using normal foam then glue these onto the lids.

Step 3) Then place your newly made stamp into an ink pad and start making some designs on your paper/craft work.

If you want to have a unique design you could cut out your own designs from the foam. Below is a photograph of some Islamic themed designs which I mentioned briefly during my Ramadan Project! Ramadan-crafts-extra-30-days-of-ramadan.html

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