Monday 1 July 2013

Ramadan Calendar - 30 Days of Ramadan Crafts

Ramadan Calendar 30 days of Ramadan Crafts Tutorial
Day 1 - Ramadan Calendar Tutorial

Today's Ramadan Craft is a 'Ramadan Calendar' made by my 11 year old daughter. Made from felt pieces and a pizza box!

  • Cardboard (I used a pizza box!)
  • Felt Pieces
  • Paint/brushes
  • Glue
  • Items to fit inside pockets (little notes or sweets!)
  • String or Ribbon - to use for hanging up.

Ramadan Calendar 30 days of Ramadan Crafts Tutorial


Step 1) Find a large piece of card (We used part of a pizza box as it had some handy holes in to help hang the calendar!) Decorate the card if needed - My daughter decided to paint the card purple and red as she likes these colours.
Step 2) Cut out 30 identical square/rectangle pieces to be used for the pockets.
Step 3) Arrange the squares on the table to make sure you have the right size measurements to fit onto the card. (I did this and realised my squares wouldn't fit - so had to cut them a bit smaller!)
Step 4) Using glue - place glue down 3 sides of the felt pocket (Leaving the top part to use an opening)
Step 5) Using different coloured felt, cut out numbers 1-30 to a size that will fit snuggly in the square shape that you cut out for the pockets. My daughter chose Green and Red .
Step 6) Using glue - place glue down 3 sides of the felt pocket (Leaving the top part to use as an opening) making sure you have a gap in the middle to store something!
Step 7) Place the pockets one by one onto your calendar. (I started form the bottom and worked my way up)
Step 8) Once you have all the pockets attached - you can decorate the rest of the card. My daughter wrote a Title 'Ramadan Calendar' at the top and some moon and star shapes. She used a silver glittery glue for this.
Step 9) Place some string/ribbon to the top and hang up in the house. (Pierce some holes in the top if needed to help attach your string.)
Step 10) Place a sweet or a little note inside each pocket.

HANDY HINTS: You don't have to use felt - you could use card to make the pockets and numbers. If using card you could use coloured pens to write the numbers onto each pocket.  Leave plenty time for the glue to work on the pockets before you place anything inside!  Pocket Surprises - these could be small sweets/chews/chocolates or small little handwritten notes with either small tasks for the children like learning a dua, or receiving a treat like a trip to the park that week, just let your imagination go wild!

Don't Forget that if you have made any of the Ramadan Crafts that I have blogged about, then please send in a photograph and I will publish this on my blog and my Facebook Page! You can send this via email ( or post on my Facebook Page Karimas-Crafts directly.


  1. Good stuff - been working on a simpler version of the same on card with my boys, one of whom is only nearly 2!!

  2. Jazaakillahu khairan we will be doing this,will post the picture إن شاء الله !

  3. I love this one will be making one for sure :)

  4. This project was a big task - and took up a lot of my time! Sorry I never got to respond to everybody's comments - I really do appreciate them all! I hope everybody is having a great Ramadan.


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