Monday 10 June 2013

Matching Aprons Mini Tutorial

Here is the tutorial I promised for the aprons that I made for my giveaway a couple of months back.
Here is the link to the original giveaway post: giveaway-winner-apron-surprise
  • One long skirt
  • Apron string (or you could use some other fabric and make your own apron ties)
  • Buttons (optional to adjust neck string.)
Step 1: I cut the skirt down the sides where the hem is, so that I have 2 pieces of skirt.
Step 2:  I trimmed the skirts to the size that I wanted. (I used an apron that I already had to get a good estimate of apron shape).
Step 3: I Hemmed all the sides to make them all neat and tidy.
Step 4: I cut and attached the apron strings to the neck of the apron. ( Again I copied the size of another apron.)
Step 5: I cut and attached the waist string to the apron. (I chose to attach all the way across the waist for decoration - you could just attach 2 pieces directly to the sides if you wish).
Step 6: I used zigzag stitch to keep the hems from fraying when I attached them to the apron. This is folded over so you don't see the edge.
Step 7: I added a couple of buttons to the neck string and sewed them through the folded neck string. This is because the neck string can fit differently on different people and this gives the option to make the neck string longer or shorter! I only did this for the adult one but you could do this for the child ones too!
Step 8: I folded the edge over and sewed a square and a sewed a cross through to secure the ends of the waist string to make them look neater.
Step 9: I repeated the same process for the other apron, I just adjusted the size to make it a smaller version to fit a child. You could keep the same dimensions to make another adult version!
This is such a great way to upcycle your old skirts!  Below is another link to a post where I made an apron from a dress: make-apron-from-dress-upcycling

You can even use shorter skirts and make a waist apron instead of a full length one! Below is a photo and a link to a waist apron I made a few years back:



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