Saturday 23 March 2013

Book Review - The Longing Heart

My Review:

I  really enjoyed this book - It is meant for children aged 11-14. It is about a young man named Abu Dhar who was interested in learning more about the Blessed Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He returns to his own tribe and continues the message of Islam to his own people. This book is told in a story, rather than a book just giving facts. I didn't read this book to my 5 year old as this is aimed at the older readers and didn't have many illustrations to keep her interacting with the story. The book was however well suited for my 10 year old daughter who loved it.

My 10 year old Daughter's Review:

This book is about one of the many reverts of Islam, Abu Dhar. I really loved this book, it shows how just because of their religion Muslims were disliked. I also loved this book because it gives a reverts point of view.

The Longing Heart – Story of Abu Dhar
Author: Khurram Murad
Illustrator: Hanife Hasan
 ISBN: 0 86037 138 7
Printed by The Islamic Foundation

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