Monday 4 February 2013

Matching bedding for different sized beds

In my daughters' room I have 2 different sized beds, one is the average single sized bed and the other is a mini size bed for up to age 6. They have always had different bedding as you cannot buy the same bedding for the different sizes!

I decided that I will make my own bedding so that the bedroom looks more co-ordinated! I decided to use the bedding I already had in the house to save me money on buying fabric!

Below is a small collage of how I made these:

Mini Tutorial:

  • I measured the original duvets so I have a final measurement for each duvet.
  • I cut the fabric into strips - Making sure there were enough strips matching for each duvet.
  • I lay the strips out flat (I used the dining table) and find a design you are happy with.
  • I then took a photograph of this design so that when I started sewing them I didn't forget the order they were in!
  • I then pinned 2 strips together and sewed them together with the sewing machine. I then kept pinning each strip and sewing each one until all the strips were sewn together - you need to do this for each duvet cover.
  • For the back of the duvets I used 2 different fabrics - as these are not seen when the beds are made and I was only using the fabric I already had in the home. If you were buying fabric then you could buy matching fabric for the back of the duvet covers!
  • I then sewed together the front and back of the duvet covers - leaving a space at the bottom to insert the duvet.
  • You could add buttons/velcro fastenings at the bottom of the duvet cover when you have finished.
  • I also made matching pillowcases for the beds - one pillowcase I already had from the original duvet bedding set but I had to make another one for the other bed using the spare same fabric.

I also made a matching pouffe using the same matching fabric - you can see that on the large photograph between the 2 beds. I have placed a pink cushion on top of the pouffe and I use this as a seat on an evening when I read a bedtime story to the youngest!

I was really pleased with the final outcome, with the extra fabric leftover I also made some matching curtains to help co-ordinate the room - I will do a post about that later inshallah. I did use some extra fabric apart from the 2 original duvet covers - but only fabric I already had in the house - so this project didn't cost me any money!


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