Wednesday 27 February 2013

Book Review - The Prophets of Allah (Muhammad) pbuh

My Review:

This book is a great book which is published for children in the age range of 8-12 years old. My 10 year old read this book and found it very interesting. I also read this book to my 5 year old who really enjoyed listening and looking at the illustrations in the book. The illustrations in this book don't show any living creature but you can still capture the story through the illustrations.

The story starts with the birth of Muhammad (pbuh) and ends on his death, covering the main parts of his life story.  There is a question page at the end of the book for the children to answer. These questions were too difficult for my 5 year old but challenging enough for my 10 year old to answer.

This is a great concise book about Muhammad (pbuh) that is great for children.

My 10 year old daughter review:

This book is about the life story and message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I found this book interesting because it has all the key facts, in addition is a great story to read.  It gives all the information you need and also explains everything in detail.

Muhammad – The Prophets of Allah
Age 8-12
Simplified by Omar Aly Al-Komy
Printed by Safeer
ISBN: 977-361-099-3


  1. Assalamualaykum, I would like to know of some Sirah books about Rasulullah s.a.w. & his Sahaba and some lectures that you think may benefit here and keep me upon that which is correct. Thank you c:

    1. waalaikum salam, The reviews I do are of the books that I currently have, I will try to post some more soon inshallah


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