Monday 7 January 2013

Felt Muslim Doll and Prayer Mat Tutorial

I made the Muslim Doll and Prayer Mat after seeing a photograph of some on the internet and thought they looked so cute!
The photograph below shows the original photograph that I saw. This photograph has appeared on many internet sites but unfortunately I can not seem to find out where the photograph originated from. Therefore I can't give the person who made them, the credit for their inspiration they gave me. If I get inspiration for my crafts I always like to personally send a message to thank them and ask permission to show their photograph but I have been unable to do this for this project.
The photograph below show a brief collage of how I made the doll and mat. I didn't use eyes and mouth as the original photo as that is my preference - but if you wish you could add these onto them.
  • 2 Pieces of different colored Felt
  • Stuffing
  • Needle and Threads
  • Scissors 
Step 1: Cut out the Pieces that you need for the Prayer Mat. Look at the photograph below to judge which pieces need to be bigger. If it helps draw out a paper template first. 1 large Rectangle Piece, 1 slightly smaller rectangle, 2 arch shapes - 1 smaller than the other, 3 very small window shapes.

Step 2: Attach the windows and the small arch to the large arch - using blanket stitch.
Step 3: Attach the large arch to the smallest rectangle - using blanket Stitch
Step 4: Attach the smallest rectangle to the largest Rectangle - using blanket stitch. You now have the finished prayer mat.
Step 5: Cut out the Pieces you need for the Muslima Doll. Again judge the dimensions by looking at the photograph below and draw a paper template first if needed. 2 identical rectangle pieces (for the body), 2 identical hijab shapes, 1 circle (for the bottom of the doll) - the photo below is missing the circle - sorry see other photo below as I made the circle last as not sure what size it was going to be until I put the doll together! - see step 10). 1 oval shape for the face shape.
  Before you start your sewing, you could place them together as below to make sure that they are going to look right - if not adjust the sizing of the pieces of felt.
Step 6  Attach the oval face shape to one of the hijab pieces - I used a blanket stitch.
Step 7: I attached the pointy part of the hijab to one piece of the body (do this 2 time for each side)
Step 8: Then place both sewed parts together and blanket Stitch all the way around the doll - leaving the bottom part open.

Step 9: Place some stuffing into the doll - decide yourself how much you want to put inside.
Step 10: Attach the circle shape to the bottom of the doll. I judged the size of the circle by placing the stuffed doll onto paper and drew around it to get the correct size paper pattern.
Your Doll and Prayer Mat are now finished.  This craft project could also be done by children who are confident with sewing. My 10 year old is able to make these as she knows how to blanket stitch.


  1. That's so cute. I've always been curious about these dolls after seeing the photo a while back (I've got no idea where it came from either).

    Your instructions and step by step pics actually make it look do-able, even for a novice like me! I'd love to try it one day. Thanks!

    1. I am glad you like it - My instructions are for a slightly different doll than the original photo going around the internet - but they work for me.

  2. with due respect sis u need to take off the eyes, mouth, & nose as u will be asked by Allah wa ta'ala to bring these dolls alive

    1. That is why when I make them myself I prefer not to put the face.

  3. Ooohhhh, this is brilliant, even if it was not your original idea. I love how you made it simple for us to make one also. JazakAllah Khayrm!

  4. Assalaamu alaikum

    These are so cute :)

  5. Assalaamu'alaykum sis, jazakAllah Khayr for the tutorial.

    Sis what did you use to stuff it? Will cotton wool do the job?
    I realise its something so simple, but what is a blanket stitch? is it just loop around the seams? JazakAllah khayr.


    1. Salam Alykom,

      You can use a polyfill stuffing, I find this works really well. A blanket stitch is rather hard to explain. It is simple to do, just hard to explain with words. I would recommend going to youtube to watch a video on how they do it. :)


  6. Maashaa Allaah, these are so cute. I will make these together with my 6 yrs old inshaa Allaah, when she's done with her current sewing project.

    Jazaakillaahu khayran for sharing.

  7. assalam, well done. :)
    me from malaysia :)

  8. ughti, assalaam alaykum wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh.
    I think i have found the craft-"mother" of the original dolls. The dolls seem to be called something along the lines of kawaii. I did a picture search and ended up on this blog entry: however, when i follow the link given there to "coocoocafe" blog, it seems like the blog is closed. the person who made the original dolls seems to be a japanese muslimah. via this link: you can get onto her suspended blog and find an e-mail address for contact in shaa Allah. But well, maybe you had found the same info already in the meantime. Hope it helps anyway. jazak'Allah ghair for sharing your and her dolls. they look amazing, masha'Allah. for my children and the ones of a friend (as a surprise) i am making a craft box with all sorts of ramadan crafts for each day of the blessed month. in shaa Allah they will all learn a lot and get creative (that includes making the dolls ! in shaa Allah).
    salaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

  9. Salam Karima,

    Please give the credit to "Coocoo"; that's me. You can find my profile on Etsy.

    Here's my profile:
    And here were my sales:

    My Esty shop is currently closed because I am developing an updated product - a variation on these dolls. I will be releasing the new dolls, hopefully, insha'Allah, in the next three months on my Etsy shop. Please watch out for them!


  10. Salam Karima,

    Please give credit to "Coocoo"; that's me
    Here is my profile:

    I used to sell them on Etsy, but have since discontinued them. Here is evidence of my previous sales:

    I am currently updating the design and making new ones to sell again on my Etsy shop. Hopefully I will be able to release them within the next three months. Please watch out for them on my shop (currently closed, but will open this year, iA!):


    1. Glad to eventually know who made the original ones! Glad to be able to show and give you the credit for my inspiration! :)

  11. Hi, what a great idea thanks for sharing. Could I just pick your brains on a quick question - Would it be appropriate for me, as a non-muslim, to put facial features on the dolls? I want to use them in a classroom with non-muslim children but it would be wrong of me to teach the children something which others might find offensive. Thanks once again for such a lovely post!

  12. These are too cute! I pinned the original but never made them with your steps I think I can do it! Thanks so much. Please, sister, how big are these? I work better with measurements, :)


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