Monday 28 November 2011

Tagged Blanket Tutorial

tagged blanket tutorial muslim blog
The photograph above shows a tagged blanket I recently made. I made this for a baby gift for a friend of mine.  I have seen these many times in blogworld and are similar to the the ones sold in shops and called 'Taggies'. These are ideal for babies, who love nothing else than playing with the tags on toys and clothes!

These are extremely easy to make and can be done really quickly!  This one I actually made by hand as my sewing machine was out of order at the time. With a sewing machine this can be done under 30 minutes! The sizes vary but are normally in a square shape. Some are made as a simple toy and are quite small, others can be made as a full size blanket. You can use the same fabric for the back and the front or choose a different style if you wish. There are many tutorials available online, one that I saw recently can be found here: appliqued-ribbon-blanket-tutorial.

Below is my own mini tutorial of how I made mine. I tried to save a little time by attaching the ribbons to both pieces of fabric with one row of stitching, if this is too fiddly then attach the ribbon to one piece of the fabric and add the top piece of fabric afterwards as in the other tutorial I have linked to! Always make sure the tags are sewed securely for the safety of the baby!

My Mini Tutorial

  • 2 x Square pieces of fabric (mine was 30cm x 30cm)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Different styles of Ribbon (I used 5 styles)
  • Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
1) Cut out 2 square pieces of fabric (See Picture1)
2) Cut out 20 pieces (more or less if you prefer) of ribbon. (Length 5 inches each)
3) Fold the ribbons in half and place onto one of the pieces of fabric (pattern facing) leaving an even space between each piece of ribbon. Pin these into place all around the square. Attaching the top piece of fabric as I went along. (See Picture 2)
4) Sew along the whole square securely fastening each piece of ribbon the fabric. Leave a small gap (so to turn inside out). (See Picture 3)
5) Once finished sewing, tun the square inside out (now the correct way!)
6) Iron the square into shape.
7) Topstitch -sew all around the edges of the square. This also helps with securing the tags. You are now finished. (See Picture 4)

I also made some other matching baby gifts which I hope to share in future posts.
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  1. Your blanket came out really cute...I would love for you to share it at my "Anything Goes" Linky party...

  2. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I got a blanket like this for my son and he loved it. Now I can make one myself! Thanks for creating such an inspirational place to visit.

  3. So cute! And the fabric is adorable!

  4. Hi Karima! This is the cutest princess blanket I've seen! Thanks for the visit and for following :) It's so nice to meet you!

    I'm your newest follower :)


  5. How cute! Love the fabric!

  6. My daughter got a little tag blanket when she was born and she loved it! Thanks for sharing this tutorial, I need to learn how to do this!! I would love for you to come share this at our link

  7. This is a cute taggie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love new visitors!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  8. Oh so adorable and so pretty! I love the pretty pink colors! Would you please share this with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party?

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments x


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