Tuesday 8 March 2011

Adding Sleeves to a dress or top

adding sleeves dress
Above is a photograph of the top which I added sleeves. (I apologize for the fact I didn't iron it before I took a photo!)

  Here is how I made a short sleeved top into a long sleeved top. My daughter had a lovely top that she loved to wear, but being short sleeved, she always wore another top underneath. I know it has been cold lately, but for in the house, she didn’t need to wear two tops. I decided that I would have a go at adding some sleeves to the top, so that she didn't have to wear two layers of clothing.  I have visited other peoples sites where they have done this and they have said it is quite easy. But, I was wary as I had never done this before.
The photo opposite shows how the original sleeves on the top had  looked like.

My daughter had a pink sleeved top which had a picture on the front, which was a bit weathered and she no longer wore.  This matched the shade of pink that was on the dress.  Luckily the sleeves on this top were in perfect condition.

I followed the basic instructions from some online tutorials and managed to accomplish it without much difficulty.

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