Sunday 18 June 2017

Rice Heat Cold Packs Tutorial

I have made rice heat packs many times over the years, I always have a few kept in the freezer at home as they get used often by myself.  I suffer from headaches and I find a soothing cold pack against my head really helps.  They are also good heated in the microwave as a heat pack for stomach cramps.

The skull design ones are some I have recently made, I made these smaller in a square shape instead of rectangles.  It doesn't really matter what the shape is as long as they do there job.

These are very simple to make, just 2 pieces of cotton cloth, place together pattern side touching each other, sew around all 4 sides, leaving a small gap on one side.  Turn the fabric the right way around, then fill 3/5 full of rice and then secure the hole by sewing it closed.  They are ready to be used, either by placing in the freezer or heating in the microwave.  Here is a link to 'Tipnut'  a really good tutorial:

Below are some I made and posted about 6 years ago.