Monday 30 July 2012

Great Ideas - Hanging Packed Lunch Bags on the Wall

packed lunch bags hanging great ideas

My children take packed lunches to school every day and after washing them I used to place them anywhere handy which often meant stacking them somewhere or stuffing them inside an already packed cupboard!

I saw a photo on Pinterest showing someone hanging these onto a wall and realised this was the best solution for my kitchen as I had some spare wall space. I am so glad I did this as it means they are easy to grab hold of quickly in the morning and it saves cupboard space for other things.

I love finding new ways to organize!

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Monday 23 July 2012

Fabric Leaf Picture Tutorial

fabric leaf picture tutorial muslim blog

I made this artwork that I have framed and now have hanging in my living room. I was inspired to do this after seeing a photograph on Pinterest of one similar made with a canvas.  I do like to give credit when I can so below is the photograph that inspired my artwork. Here is the link:ellenscreativepassage

This was quite an easy project and didn't take very long to do.  I already had the frame and the black card was from inside the original frame which was a real bonus. This whole project didn't cost me any money as I already had the materials in the house!

Items needed:

  • Large Card and frame to fit
  • Various fabric designs
  • Glue
  • scissors
fabric leaf picture tutorial muslim blog

Step 1: Cut out a fabric circle shape
Step 2: Cut out various leaf shapes (I used freehand for different shapes of leaves)
Step 3: Lay out the fabric leaves onto the card until you find the desired look
Step 4: When happy with layout start gluing each piece to the card (I started in the centre and worked my way out)
Step 5:Trim the edges and place card into a frame and Hang on your wall

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Friday 20 July 2012

Ramadan Mubarak

ramadan mubarak bunting banner muslim blog
Ramadan Mubarak - It is now the start of Ramadan for my family here in the UK. I wish everyone a Happy Ramadan.

The photo above is a banner (bunting style) that my 10 year old daughter made at the weekend to decorate the house with during Ramadan.

If anyone wants to know how she made this here are the instructions:
  • 7 sheets of A4 purple (cut out 14 triangles from this)
  • Printed the letters in gold colour on the printer (cut out the letters)
  • Glue stick the letters onto the triangles
  • Hole punch 2 holes into the top corners of each triangle
  • Thread string through the holes and hang on the wall

Very simple and a great craft for the children to do.

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Monday 16 July 2012

Great Ideas - DIY Watering Can

muslim blog diy watering can milk carton

Use a Milk Carton as a Watering Can!  All you need to do for this craft is simply insert some holes into the lid of the Milk Carton.  I used the nearest thing which was a craft knife - but you could probably also use a small screwdriver or a large needle to do this.

There are so many things that you can do with empty Milk Cartons. Here are a few ideas of things I do personally:
  • Cut in half and use as a funnel
  • Cut in half and use as storage container
  • Use to store used oil to throw away (no oil down the drains!)
  • Cut and made into a peg holder on washing line (my friend does this!)
  • Store powdered foods
  • Use as a juice carton (for diluted juice)
 I am sure there are many many more ways - I will try to share photos with other ideas in future posts inshallah.

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Monday 9 July 2012

Tagged Blanket Tutorial for boys or girls

muslim blog tagged blanket tutorial
This is a photograph of a Tagged Blanket I made for my nephew recently.  I have previously posted a tutorial on how to make a Tagged Blanket last year with a Girly Fabric, but thought I might as well post another tutorial for those who were not a follower of my blog at that time.

Below is my own mini tutorial of how I made this from a curtain! These are similar to the the ones sold in shops and called 'Taggies'. These are ideal for babies, who love nothing else than playing with the tags on toys and clothes!  Always make sure the tags are sewed securely for the safety of the baby!

My Mini Tutorial

  • 2 x Square pieces of fabric (roughly about 30cm x 30cm)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Different styles of Ribbon (I used 5 styles)
  • Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
muslim blog tagged blanket tutorial

muslim blog tagged blanket tutorial

1) Cut out 2 square pieces of fabric (See Picture2)
2) Cut out 20 pieces (more or less if you prefer) of ribbon. (Length 5 inches each)
3) Fold the ribbons in half and place onto one of the pieces of fabric (pattern facing) leaving an even space between each piece of ribbon. Pin these into place all around the square then sew them into place. (See Picture 4)
4) Place the top square pattern facing onto the top of the sewed square facing ribbons the ribbons.  Leave a small gap so to turn inside out. (See Picture 6)
5) Once finished sewing, tun the square inside out (now the correct way!)
6) Iron the square into shape. (Picture 7)
7) Topstitch -sew all around the edges of the square. This also helps with securing the tags. You are now finished. (See Picture 8)

I also made a baby blanket and a matching burp cloth, here is the link to the Burp Cloth Tutorial I made: burp cloth tutorial

muslim blog tagged blanket tutorial

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Monday 2 July 2012

Great Ideas - Mug Tree Alternative Uses

muslim blog mug tree uses

I had a couple of Mug Trees in the house which were not being used and had been put away on the top of the kitchen cupboards. I wanted to make use of them and after researching on the internet came up with a few ideas that I thought I would share with my readers.

muslim blog mug tree uses

The metal Mug Tree looks lovely in my daughters' room - she uses it for both her hair accessories and some of her jewellery.
muslim blog mug tree uses

Do any of my readers have any mug trees that they use for other things?

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